Posted by: rainbowmichael | November 13, 2009

Love cannot be contained


Love Infinite

did you smell the desert flowers this morning

what did it say?

there is hope yet, in this world

we are still thriving and striving for a greater good

this undeniable format of consciousness that seeps out of every corner

could it all really be contained or is it a delight to the senses

why not have this love poured all over you

what and who are you saving it for

it cannot be contained any longer

why not go out and scream at the stars

is this love?

why not roll around in the dirt until identity is lost

try flying in your dreams with a paintbrush

let us paint the world with this rich saturated love

it can be anything you wish

just please dont try to contain this love

as we sit in the glory of a new found love

look out to the people around and smile like the sun shining to the earth

and just know that this love has no bounds

and has always been waiting for you to disperse it into the fountain of your soul


  1. Oh, how inspiring you are!!

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