Posted by: rainbowmichael | August 23, 2009

Natures Time



In wilderness I seek solitude, a true born freedom of awareness

A blink of an eye watches the birds go by and my breath patiently follows

Could the water get more pure? could the grass grow greener inside?

The Sun had ripened the situation, and now I can grow my wings and seek my destination

The words of the wise has opened my mind to see this as holy ground

Transformation occurs at a rapid rate and tickles my human experience

Growing strong like wind in a canyon I am following the path to freedom

These precious moments are what make up my journey

The mountains sit and are carved by my blessing and gratitude, never separate

Can we seek happiness together? can we grow into a new form of blossoming evolution

This time has come for those who seek harmony with the land

This flickering nuisance will seise and the children will know what to do

As the water rushes over us we are purified and now ready to seek the true nature of unborn awareness

Time and Time again we will follow these natural cycles as our plan unfolds

Be present with what has been given to you and let your gifts be known!


  1. wow, what a wondrous, inspiration poem! thank you for sharing! namaste. :O)

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