Posted by: rainbowmichael | April 21, 2009

infinite space…

Infinite space

To see your true self

The infinite space between you and sound

every cell is divided into your body

The time will soon disappear

could this really be forever?

the moments speak a precious whisper

your thoughts are made of nothing

a vacuum of space dissolving into the next

the beautiful sound of a heart beat

flooded with feeling

the emptiness yearns to be filled

your happiness springs from the same source

will you be able to see it?

now that you have found this infinite space

go forth in prayer

and see your true self not occupying the body

for these continuous trials of realization of emptiness

Dissolving into space

Dissolving into space


  1. yes, i love mushrooms too!

  2. Hey Rainbow Beautifulness!! this is an amazing inspiring blog. Thank you for sharing your beauty and being a truly inspiring artist!

    love you

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