Posted by: rainbowmichael | April 8, 2009

How the flute came to me..

A brief story of my flutes

I all started about 10 years ago when I made my first Flute out of clay, it was called an Ocarina. I had a lot of Fun with this style of flute and it was made to fit into my hand. I soon realized that there is tons of styles of flutes that you can buy out there in the world, but I was still attached to the flute I had. I would take it out into nature and play songs with birds, I would play random jams when ever I felt like it. It wasn’t until my favorite and only flute went missing that I would find the Native American Flute style. I was about to go into the canyons of Southern Utah for a 30 day canyoneering adventure, I was 18. I couldn’t find my flute any where, I was starting to panic. Could I really go to the canyons and not bring a flute, this is the classic flute setting, tall canyon walls bouncing the pitch of the flute back to my ear, a sort of natural ampitheathre that has reverb. I searched all the gift shops in Lander Wyoming until I found a flute. This would be my first Native American style Flute, I would soon fall in love with this majestic instrument.

I have been playing the flute for quite some time now and I have built up my musical instrument list to a staggering number of flutes and sacred sound makers. For me playing the flute is a transcendental experience where I can dissolve into my breath and the sound of the note, it seems as though Spirit has taken me over and It is not even me that is playing. I have flutes that sound like birds, ones that sound like owls, about 8 different types of shakers, 4 digeridoos , 7 crystal bowls, and 4 Native American Flutes. I have done sound healing sessions and played music at festivals and Yoga classes. Playing the flute allows me to express myself and be meet right away, it seems as though it is an expression that is excepted by most people and they enjoy it. I am very Grateful to be able to share this expression with you……

Infinite Love and Gratitude !!

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