Posted by: rainbowmichael | March 26, 2009

Rainbow Michaelness…

Hello World!!, and welcome to mine.

What’s that? who is this character peering from behind these props and smiles?
Rainbow Michael, is no fluffy pony
What is with all the Rainbows then?

Ever Heard of?
Chakras, Light Spectrum, multidimensional reality, universal understanding.

Yeah that the Rainbows I’m talking about, and you thought I was gay?



Well Im a Bodhisattva with a Yogi heart of gold, an object manipulator opening the doors for the blind, and a creative artist seeking to change the world. I know all this may seem irrelevant for now, however the juicy stuff has still to come.

First things firsts, I’m a bit edgy and I like to push the envelope, this doesn’t make me a mean person, I just like to make sure people are on their game. I don’t settle for the BS and I don’t think you should either. When I’m not doing that I can be found singing joyesly to the praises of the Divine. Do I sound crazy yet?

Well the point isn’t to sound crazy it to get perspective into the fact that I am not settling for the mundane and I am looking to bring true happiness to all beings, and I’m starting with the self.

Yogi Heart of Gold? what does this mean? It means that I look to join forces with the great spirit and start to move into a enlightened society. I know It sounds like a fairy tale, but I’m for real.
Hey! Im in it for the long run too! So can we share some space? I thought that was part of the deal? So what does that look like in todays society, when you see suffering all around you? It means you look to the heart to find compassion and learn to recognize your own suffering. All the mean while you try to be as kind as possible to all sentient beings. Throw in some Yoga and do this forever!! YES I mean Forever.

So you think firedancing is cool? Yes, I think it can shift you into a state of heighted awareness where you understand your body matrix and find flow with the center of your heart. I’m just not a Fire Dancer, I manipulate objects to make them seem magical and mysterious.

Heart at the center

Heart at the center

Have you ever heard of juggling, hula hoops, poi, staffs, yeah I make them float, spin, and dance throughout your senses. The best part is I can heal myself and bring pure joy to my own heart and I invite all those who are ready to transform their mind and body. Gotta see it to believe it! I might just inspire you to start, you never know. It helps that I teach poi classes

Oh yeah I also happen to be a creative artist that works through many mediums

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