Posted by: rainbowmichael | March 24, 2009

Live it

Live It

traveling for eons through the dust storms

the music in my head is relivant for the times moment

where have all my good deeds brought me?

I am one with the sound I hear

this repeating voice in my head

my vajra oath is apparent

the top of the mountain is not far from here

and in a moment, you will be there

you must start now with no delay

be the forecast for the new paradigm

you know the future is held in your heart

time to continue up the mountain

and meet the glory of your own minds eye

can you see how it will be?

do you see how bright the world looks from here ?

this constant dialouge has brought me inner peace

and now I look to the world for answers

prayer is a constant as I sip my breathe

and watch my thoughts dance merrily across the stage

of this open ended universe .

MerKaBa Lattice

Golden Mer-Ka-Ba: Original Art by Rainbow Michael

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