Posted by: rainbowmichael | January 7, 2010

Majestic Mountain

The world sits still inside of the majestic Mountain

A true heart can be touched by spirit alone

wavering inside of this experience, my truth reveals itself slowly

the measures taken, deepen the inner strength and create power to live my dreams

This is not separate from my reality, and cannot be taken away

silent, I listen to gain clarity

and awaken the revelation of my inner sanction

Posted by: rainbowmichael | November 13, 2009

Love cannot be contained


Love Infinite

did you smell the desert flowers this morning

what did it say?

there is hope yet, in this world

we are still thriving and striving for a greater good

this undeniable format of consciousness that seeps out of every corner

could it all really be contained or is it a delight to the senses

why not have this love poured all over you

what and who are you saving it for

it cannot be contained any longer

why not go out and scream at the stars

is this love?

why not roll around in the dirt until identity is lost

try flying in your dreams with a paintbrush

let us paint the world with this rich saturated love

it can be anything you wish

just please dont try to contain this love

as we sit in the glory of a new found love

look out to the people around and smile like the sun shining to the earth

and just know that this love has no bounds

and has always been waiting for you to disperse it into the fountain of your soul

Posted by: rainbowmichael | November 5, 2009

Diving into the Void

Spheres of TruthWhere is this place you are so afraid of?

can it come from an external source?

you have to touch it and see where it lies beneath the surface

This is a practice of going deep within

you have to be hungry for answers and beckon for change

you have to look beyond yourself to see the unlimited cosmos

today is the perfect day to soar!

let go of these chains that bind you to earth

dig deep in the earth to find the hidden treasure

did you think you could find it outside?

Leap into that body of yours and find the threshold of experience

complete embodiment is your only choice

Can you resist the void?


Posted by: rainbowmichael | August 23, 2009

Natures Time



In wilderness I seek solitude, a true born freedom of awareness

A blink of an eye watches the birds go by and my breath patiently follows

Could the water get more pure? could the grass grow greener inside?

The Sun had ripened the situation, and now I can grow my wings and seek my destination

The words of the wise has opened my mind to see this as holy ground

Transformation occurs at a rapid rate and tickles my human experience

Growing strong like wind in a canyon I am following the path to freedom

These precious moments are what make up my journey

The mountains sit and are carved by my blessing and gratitude, never separate

Can we seek happiness together? can we grow into a new form of blossoming evolution

This time has come for those who seek harmony with the land

This flickering nuisance will seise and the children will know what to do

As the water rushes over us we are purified and now ready to seek the true nature of unborn awareness

Time and Time again we will follow these natural cycles as our plan unfolds

Be present with what has been given to you and let your gifts be known!

Posted by: rainbowmichael | April 21, 2009

infinite space…

Infinite space

To see your true self

The infinite space between you and sound

every cell is divided into your body

The time will soon disappear

could this really be forever?

the moments speak a precious whisper

your thoughts are made of nothing

a vacuum of space dissolving into the next

the beautiful sound of a heart beat

flooded with feeling

the emptiness yearns to be filled

your happiness springs from the same source

will you be able to see it?

now that you have found this infinite space

go forth in prayer

and see your true self not occupying the body

for these continuous trials of realization of emptiness

Dissolving into space

Dissolving into space

Posted by: rainbowmichael | April 17, 2009

An endless breath…..

An endless Breath

The timeless wonder on an inhale

deep, penetrating breath

Prana the force that moves my soul

cellular separation

a moment of surprise

Have you remembered to relieve your body

liberation during exhale

this endless breath

it has been here since birth

do you feel the texture

where is it missing

tongue pressed to the roof of the mouth

pulling inward and receiving

do you have time for this precious moment?

as you sleep can you experience this?

Coming to to the brim of existence

will you remember how you are?

when the breath ceases

Train the mind in loving wisdom

and return to your posture

sip the ether lightly

and wait patiently with the Buddhas

with this endless breath you call life.


Posted by: rainbowmichael | April 12, 2009

Through Space and Time..


My life is shape

My heart beats inside the space of an octahedron

the time dissolves with every motion

I am pure love, pure existence

The geometry is my gateway

a place where I merge with God

All these objects move through me

Can I pretend they are not building blocks

The geometry of dance has captivated my soul

my expression is fire and light

The whole world glows when I smile on the inside

This is my path

where I find my hidden truths.

Posted by: rainbowmichael | April 8, 2009

How the flute came to me..

A brief story of my flutes

I all started about 10 years ago when I made my first Flute out of clay, it was called an Ocarina. I had a lot of Fun with this style of flute and it was made to fit into my hand. I soon realized that there is tons of styles of flutes that you can buy out there in the world, but I was still attached to the flute I had. I would take it out into nature and play songs with birds, I would play random jams when ever I felt like it. It wasn’t until my favorite and only flute went missing that I would find the Native American Flute style. I was about to go into the canyons of Southern Utah for a 30 day canyoneering adventure, I was 18. I couldn’t find my flute any where, I was starting to panic. Could I really go to the canyons and not bring a flute, this is the classic flute setting, tall canyon walls bouncing the pitch of the flute back to my ear, a sort of natural ampitheathre that has reverb. I searched all the gift shops in Lander Wyoming until I found a flute. This would be my first Native American style Flute, I would soon fall in love with this majestic instrument.

I have been playing the flute for quite some time now and I have built up my musical instrument list to a staggering number of flutes and sacred sound makers. For me playing the flute is a transcendental experience where I can dissolve into my breath and the sound of the note, it seems as though Spirit has taken me over and It is not even me that is playing. I have flutes that sound like birds, ones that sound like owls, about 8 different types of shakers, 4 digeridoos , 7 crystal bowls, and 4 Native American Flutes. I have done sound healing sessions and played music at festivals and Yoga classes. Playing the flute allows me to express myself and be meet right away, it seems as though it is an expression that is excepted by most people and they enjoy it. I am very Grateful to be able to share this expression with you……

Infinite Love and Gratitude !!

Posted by: rainbowmichael | March 26, 2009

Rainbow Michaelness…

Hello World!!, and welcome to mine.

What’s that? who is this character peering from behind these props and smiles?
Rainbow Michael, is no fluffy pony
What is with all the Rainbows then?

Ever Heard of?
Chakras, Light Spectrum, multidimensional reality, universal understanding.

Yeah that the Rainbows I’m talking about, and you thought I was gay?



Well Im a Bodhisattva with a Yogi heart of gold, an object manipulator opening the doors for the blind, and a creative artist seeking to change the world. I know all this may seem irrelevant for now, however the juicy stuff has still to come.

First things firsts, I’m a bit edgy and I like to push the envelope, this doesn’t make me a mean person, I just like to make sure people are on their game. I don’t settle for the BS and I don’t think you should either. When I’m not doing that I can be found singing joyesly to the praises of the Divine. Do I sound crazy yet?

Well the point isn’t to sound crazy it to get perspective into the fact that I am not settling for the mundane and I am looking to bring true happiness to all beings, and I’m starting with the self.

Yogi Heart of Gold? what does this mean? It means that I look to join forces with the great spirit and start to move into a enlightened society. I know It sounds like a fairy tale, but I’m for real.
Hey! Im in it for the long run too! So can we share some space? I thought that was part of the deal? So what does that look like in todays society, when you see suffering all around you? It means you look to the heart to find compassion and learn to recognize your own suffering. All the mean while you try to be as kind as possible to all sentient beings. Throw in some Yoga and do this forever!! YES I mean Forever.

So you think firedancing is cool? Yes, I think it can shift you into a state of heighted awareness where you understand your body matrix and find flow with the center of your heart. I’m just not a Fire Dancer, I manipulate objects to make them seem magical and mysterious.

Heart at the center

Heart at the center

Have you ever heard of juggling, hula hoops, poi, staffs, yeah I make them float, spin, and dance throughout your senses. The best part is I can heal myself and bring pure joy to my own heart and I invite all those who are ready to transform their mind and body. Gotta see it to believe it! I might just inspire you to start, you never know. It helps that I teach poi classes

Oh yeah I also happen to be a creative artist that works through many mediums

Posted by: rainbowmichael | March 24, 2009

Live it

Live It

traveling for eons through the dust storms

the music in my head is relivant for the times moment

where have all my good deeds brought me?

I am one with the sound I hear

this repeating voice in my head

my vajra oath is apparent

the top of the mountain is not far from here

and in a moment, you will be there

you must start now with no delay

be the forecast for the new paradigm

you know the future is held in your heart

time to continue up the mountain

and meet the glory of your own minds eye

can you see how it will be?

do you see how bright the world looks from here ?

this constant dialouge has brought me inner peace

and now I look to the world for answers

prayer is a constant as I sip my breathe

and watch my thoughts dance merrily across the stage

of this open ended universe .

MerKaBa Lattice

Golden Mer-Ka-Ba: Original Art by Rainbow Michael

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